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      Achieving a Competitive Advantage with D'mensions Software

        The Software you use to run your business is one tool you may not have considered to
        differentiate your business from your competitors. When used effectively, it can have an
        impact on all aspects of your business resulting in being a primary competitive advantage.
        D'mensions products have proven history in lower costs, increased customer services and
        increased business opportunities.
        Very few Software Suppliers meet the industry recognized criteria for ISE compliance. Fewer
        still can lay claim to more than two decades of delivering applications in technology with an
        underlying methodology that embodies principles now being promoted as essential to meet
        the challenges of constant change. D'mensions products are SOA & ISE compliant.

        We use a hardware independent development & deployment platform. Moving to different
        computers, operating systems or databases can be done without changing any programs.
        We use table driven logic so that users can make their own changes without involving IT.
        We design with no limits of recurring data types and for the future so the systems can
        automatically take advantage of emerging trends.

        Front Office | Accounting | Food Beverage & Inventory | Point of Sale | Events & Functions
        Tour & Concierge Desk | Tour Manager | Club Manager | Magic & eDeveloper

Distributors & Resellers
Are you interested in licensing or reselling in your country?
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Private Colleges, Schools Institutions
Educatation in the Hospitality & Leisure Industry?
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Specialized Support
We offer specialised support for all areas of the Hospitality Tourism & Leisure Industry by industry trained professional consultants.
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The Total Solution
Providing complete operational and management solutions, software and hardware integration.
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Technology Leaders
Alliances and Partnerships only with partners that have proven records in leading edge technology.
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